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5 reasons to use natural and organic skin care products


As more information become available about the effects of toxic chemicals on overall health and well-being, many more people are paying close attention to what they ingest and even apply on their skins.

As a result more and more people are now looking for natural and organic skin care products to replace the conventional off the shelf ones they are used to.

Natural skin care products are made form natural or nature derived ingredients like natural vegetable oils, essential oils and botanical extracts. Some can contain water, hydrosols or herbal infusions.

When water or water based ingredients are involved in the formulation of natural skin care products, it becomes imperative to use preservative to keep the product from becoming a breeding ground for micro-organisms.


These are just a few reasons to choose natural and organic skin care products:

  1. Natural skin care products work in synergy with our skin structure to correct existing skin problems. This is because most natural skin ingredients contain active ingredients which are readily available for the skin to recognize and utilize.
  2. Natural skin products are usually fresher than commercial skin care products, since are they made in smaller batches and usually don’t have very long shelf life.
  3. They contain more potent active ingredients  and produce more visible results, without any side effects.
  4. Since natural skin care products usually have shorter shelf lives, they are usually formulated with the mildest of preservatives. surfactants and emulsifiers used in natural skin care products are also sourced specially to be very mild and most are nature identical.
  5. Natural skin products help protect our environment from toxic chemicals and also help improve our health, as most cosmetics applied on skin have now been proved to get into our blood stream.


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