Would you like to have  your own brand of skincare line without having the stress of formulating or manufacturing the products yourself?

You have come to the right place.

Here at BSN Skincare, we can offer you two categories of opportunities that can help you actualise that dream without breaking a bank.

We can formulate your skincare products and have them sent to you either in bulk or in your own packaging.

We can manufacture products for batch sizes as low as 1kg to up to 20kg, depending on your needs and specification.

Bulk Manufacture Of BSN Line Of Products

In this package, you get the following

  1.  Bulk manufacture of any BSN product of choice to rebrand and package as you wish.
  2. No need to provide raw materials.
  3. No product development fee
  4. Full disclosure of ingredients used in formulation

New Product Formulation

In this package, you get the following:

  1. Formulate New products  based on your specifications (ingredients, feel, look, smell etc).
  2. Source and provide your raw materials.
  3. Full ownership of the formula for your products
  4. Product development fees apply

At BSN Private Label and contact Manufacturing, your confidentiality is assured. A non- disclosure agreement will be signed by both parties to ensure strict confidentiality.

Kindly Fill the contact form below if you are interested  in private label manufacturing with us.

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Product Selection Guide

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