Acne Set


Don’t let those pesky pimples spoil your vibe this season. Let them know who is Boss and get them under control with our Acne Burst Combo.

Great for anyone dealing with acne, pimples, dark spots.

Visible results after 4-6 weeks of use!



  • Face Wash 250ml
  • Clear Skin Serum  30ml
  • Face Mask 50ml
  • Glow  Face Toner 100ml


What does this set do?

  • Helps to stop new acne from coming up
  • Treats existing acne, including the dormant ones beneath the skin
  • Clears black heads and dark spots
  • Helps to manage oily skin

Who needs it?

  • Anyone struggling with acne
  • Dealing with black, darkened spots on the face left behind by acne
  • Anyone looking to get their vibrant complexion back after acne
  • Anyone who has acne prone skin and would like to keep their face acne-free

Deep Cleansing face Wash 250ml

Glow Face Toner 50ml

Clear Skin Serum 30ml

Green Tea Mask 50g

Solution Face Cream 50g