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Natural Skin Care products contd…Willow bark Extract

Willow bark extract has got to be on the list as one of my favourite natural skin care ingredients. This extract is obtained from the bark of the willow tree and apparently, the bark of this tree has been used for a long time by the ancient Egyptians and lots other ancient civilizations before us for medicinal purposes. The bark of the tree contains a chemical compound known as Salicin, a precursor to Salicylic acid , which is the active chemical component in aspirin. Actually, before the chemical synthesis of aspirin in the laboratory, willow bark has been used for the purposes of extracting salicin which is then converted to salicylic acid to be used for pain relief medications.


Benefits of willow bark extract for skin

Willow bark extract plays a very useful role in natural skin care, especially in dealing with oily or acne prone skin. It is a milder and natural substitute for salicyclic acid and would provide the benefits of salicylic acid without the accompanying harshness and peeling. As a Betahydroxy acid (BHA) willow bark extract, gently exfoliates the skin , unclogs the pores thereby reducing fine lines, smoothening, and removing any dark spots on the face as a result. It can also be useful in treating cases of hyperpigmentation due to its mild exfoliating action. Willow bark extract also delivers proven anti-inflammatory benefits to the skin to reduce swollen, red or irritated skin conditions. The presence of tannins in the extract also means that it also possess additional anti microbial properties. This could be useful in dealing with acne causing bacteria on the skin surface as well as conferring some antimicrobial properties in formulations where the extract is used. If you are having problems with oily skin or acne, before using salicylic acid based products, why not consider using a milder more natural alternative first!. Chances are you might find that willow bark extract works as well, perhaps even better!


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