How to make your Own Macerated Carrot Oil for Natural Cosmetic


I still have a few days in Provence France to buy the ingredients I need to prepare my macerated carrot oil.

Every morning we can find a little farmer market in Aix en Provence-France.


It is summer time in this part of the Planet, and this square is nicely shaded by the bell tower, cristal clear water is springing out of a multiple centuries old fountain…


for Macerated Carrot Oil post taps

and what a nice surprise, today we also had the flower market!


flower market


just need to focus back on my carrot and sunflower oil…I have my regular provider for these organic ingredients.



Back home and ready to prepare my macerated carrot oil


How to proceed:

– boil your bottle and lid to be sure it is free of any bacteria,

– wash your carrots and cut thin slices of carrots with a peeler (no need to peel your carrots…you absolutely need to use organic carrots anyway… so…


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