The first step in knowing how to present your recipes professionally is to present them as a percentage formula. Global Cosmetic requirements is that all cosmetic recipes be presented as percentage formula for the purpose of replication and scalability.

In the following blog post , I will be sharing with you how you can do this .


Inline image

Calculating percentage formula using the above example recipe

To accurately calculate the percentages:

  1. Weigh all of your ingredients (column D in the example above). Like-for-like millilitres/grams only exists for water. That means that 100 millilitres of water is equivalent to 100 grams. Oils are lighter than water so all oils in liquid form must be weighed to give an accurate figure. For example, 100 millilitres of almond oil only weighs 92 grams. If you do not weigh your oils then you will not be able to replicate your product accurately when you scale up.

2.  Total the weight (cell D8 in the example).
Divide the weight of the individual ingredient by the total weight of all ingredients and multiply by 100 to work out the percentage          formula of your recipe (formula example shown for beeswax in cell E2).

100 % is equivalent to 100g of your recipe.

Its now easier for you to scale up or down using your percentage recipe as shown below
Raw Material            %/ gram (g)

Beeswax                      16.8
Sheabutter                 26.8

Coconutbutter          10.1
Almond oil                46.2

Lemon EO                0.1
Total                          100

So lets say you want to make 50g batch size of your products

Simply divide all your ingredients by 2 like so

Raw Material %                  g                               New batch size (50g)

Beeswax          16.8                16.8                            8.4
Sheabutter      26.8               26.8                           13.4
coconutbutter 10.1                10.1                          5.05
Almond oil      46.2                46.2                          23.1
Lemon EO       0.1                  0.1                              0.05
Total                 100                100                                50

Likewise if you want to scale up and produce 1000g of your products … simply multiply your percentage formula by 10 like so

Raw Material                                  %                           g                                               New Batch Size (1000g)

Beeswax                                           16.8                    16.8                                                     168
Sheabutter                                       26.8                   26. 8                                                    268
coconutbutter                                 10.1                     10.1                                                      101
Almond oil                                       46.2                   46.2                                                     462
Lemon EO                                        0.1                      0.1                                                         1
Total                                                  100                   100                                                          1000

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