It’s the rainy season again in this part of the world and oh how we love the rains…

Here are a few ways to take care of your skin during the rainy days:

1. If you get wet, always remember to wash your face if you can or use a natural non alcohol based toner to wipe your face.
Remember that due to high level of environmental pollution , you cannot be too sure of the quality of rain water. Besides rain water can also have dissolved dust particle or other soluble gasses in it.

2. The atmosphere is relatively humid, so your skin can stay fresh and hydrated with a light cream or lotion rich in humectants like glycerine, urea, sodium PCA, Hyualuronic acid etc

3.You can afford to skip heavy occlusive creams which form a barrier on the skin surface to prevent the loss of water from the skin during this weather as rate of evaporation of moisture from the skin at this time is very low.

4. Always protect your feet from stagnant pools of rain water or puddles which are very prevalent at this time and if you must, take care to protect your feet with a pair of water proof shoes, bags or rain boots.

5. Don’t forget to wear your sunscreen, just because you don’t see the sun … doesn’t mean its not there, besides sunscreens protect you from UVA rays which are emitted even during cloudy or non sunny days and are chief culprits when it comes to skin aging.

So there enjoy the rainy days simply because ,… your skin loves it…

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