Carrier oils/ butters are a very important consideration when embarking on a formulation project, especially when you are making Natural Skincare products. Butters can be defined as solid oils, therefore for the purpose of this post, wherever I mention carrier oils , it would be with the understanding that I am also referring to the butters as well.

These oils are what constitute the emollient components of a Natural skincare formulation and will go a long way to determine how greasy or otherwise a product will be. There are several other factors including the choice of emulsifier,  etc.

Therefore the percentage and nature of the oil to be used is important and has to be carefully chosen in order to  reach certain defined objectives that a formulator desires.

Certain oils have the ability to clog the pores and lead to breakouts on the skin contrary to the common belief that All oils are bad for the skin.

In some extreme cases, it might become necessary to steer clear of  oils completely, however, most times a careful selection of oils is all that might be needed to prevent a break out.

Below is the comedogenic rating of some oils that I have been able to glean from the web.

Comedogenic ratings of 0-1 is suggestive of a non clogging oil which can be used on the face by most people without causing any problems.

Comedogenic ratings of 2-3 might be ideal for facial used for people with dry to very dry skin types

Comedogenic ratings of 3 and above might be best used for other parts of the body except the facial area.

Apricot Kernel Oil              2

Argan Oil                           0

Avocado Oil                       3

Babassu oil                         1-2

Baobab Oil                         2

Black Cummin Oil               2

Black Currant seed oil         0-1

Black raspberry seed oil      1-2

Blueberry Seed Oil              0-1

Blackberry Seed Oil             0-1

Borage Oil                            2

Brazil Nut Oil                       2

Broccoli seed oil                 1

Camelia Oil                          1

Carrot Seed Oil                   3-4

Castor Oil                            1

Cherry Kernel Oil                   2

Chia Seed Oil                       3

Cocoa Butter                       4

Coconut Oil                        4

cotton Seed oil                   3

Cranberry seed oil             2

Cucumber Seed Oil          1

Date Seed Oil                   3

Evening Primrose Oil     2-3

Grapeseed Oil                  1

Hazel Nut Oil                   1

Hemp Seed Oil                0

Jojoba Oil                        2

Kiwi Seed oil                   1

Meadowfoam Seed Oil   1

Neem Oil                         1-2

Olive Oil                           2

Palm kernel Oil                 4

Peach Kernel Oil               2

Peanut Oil                        2

Papaya Seed Oil               2-3

Pomegranate Seed Oil       1

Poppy Seed oil                   1

Pumpkin Seed oil               2

Red Palm Oil                      4

Red Raspberry Seed Oil     0-1

Ricebran Oil                       2

Rosehip Oil                       1

Seabuckthorn Oil              1

Sesame Seed Oil               3

Shea Butter                       0-2

Strawberry Seed Oil          1

Sunflower seed Oil            0-2

Sweet almond Oil              2

Tomato seed oil                 0-2

Walnut Oil                          1-2

Watermelon seed oil          0-1

Wheatgerm oil                    5



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