I remember after the birth of my last child, going through baby product aisle of shops  and having my head literally swelling from reading all the ingredient list in the many skincare products meant for use on babies. I soon realised that out of the whole lot, there were only a few I felt were worth spending money on and even fewer that I could confidently slather all over my baby’s delicate skin.

This got me interested in making products for my baby, and that was the beginning of my learning how to make baby care products.

Here below I share from my experience 5 reasons why you should make your own baby skin care products.

5 Reasons why you should make your own baby skincare products.

1, Saves you lots of money.

Making your own skincare products saves you a lot of money. Consider for instance making a healing balm for your little one using shea butter, cocoa butter, palm kernel oil and some infused(herbal) oil e.g. neem. You can make a whole batch of this with a fraction of the amount you would need to spend if you had bought it off a fancy shop shelf.

2, Use safe ingredients and  puts you in control of what goes on your baby’s body.

When you make your own baby skincare products , you are assured of using quality ingredients. You are also sure that the only ingredients you use are the ones you truly trust and like. You can remove and add ingredients that you either don’t like or really like into your products.

3, The possibility of starting a business from this.

Most businesses start first as hobbies and eventually grow into a full enterprise. Making your own baby’s products, knowing what works and what doesn’t might eventually give you the confidence to start your own baby skincare line.

4, Enhances your knowledge in making infused oils, infusions and plant extracts.

Since there are a lot of exceptions when it comes to ingredients that can actually be used in making baby skincare products, a lot of this is made up for, by incorporating infused herbal oils, floral water and teas etc. instead. So, learning how to make your own baby skincare products will sharpen your skills in this regard.

5, Beautiful, healthy glowing skin for your little one.

As a result of all the lovely ingredients used, the evidence is that baby’s skin is smooth , clear and healthy.

What better than this for a mom!

If you want to learn how to make baby skincare products, please click on the link below to register.

Natural Baby Skincare Workshop

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