Excessive oils on the skin could be due to several reasons hormonal changes, weather, and temperature changes and genetics. Although more prone to blocked pores and blemishes, oily skins do have the bonus of looking younger for longer.

However they can also be prone to dehydration and sensitivity, so take that into account when choosing your skin care ingredients.

Avoid heavy occlusive that may lead to breakouts and choose plenty of water based humectants instead. Choose lighter oils like thistle oil, rice bran and jojoba, avoiding coconut and butters such as cocoa butter, and shea butter because they can block pores.

Moisturizers to help the skin maintain its suppleness and moisture. Night creams, lotions and gels can help regulate oil gland secretion. It is essential to keep oily glands clean and hydrated with appropriate cleansing and care.

Care of oily skin include:

Thorough but gentle cleansing morning and evening.

Daytime protective moisturizers and night time creams, lotions and gels that regulate oil gland secretion.

Incorporate exfoliators such as AHA and BHA

and active botanicals such as rosemary, lemon oil and lemon balm, rose hip oil, yarrow, sage, mint and thym


  •  Larger pores and breakouts due to excessive oil in the face.
  •  Looks greasy, thick and shiny. 
  • Prone to black heads, pimple , acne and other skin blemishes

Here at Bareskinnatural, we have some excellent products that can help deal with oily skin conditions such as the https://bareskinnaturals.com/item/vitamin-c-with-tranexamic-acid-serum/Vitamin c serum with Tranexamic Acid, that can help balance oil production in the skin, as well as the Solution Face cream with Niacinamide and hyaluronic acid,https://bareskinnaturals.com/item/solution-face-cream/ which is an oil free, light and non greasy face cream that can really help to hydrate the skin without clogging the pores.

Essentially, removing excess oil production is a necessity for oily skin types, but using hards skin cleansers can produce and counter effect which can lead to excessive sebum production, therefore choosing face cleanserhttps://bareskinnaturals.com/item/deep-cleansing-face-wash/ carefully to ensure a good balance by using mild and nourishing face cleansers is ideal when dealing with oily skin conditions.

Taking good care of oily skin ensures that you enjoy one of the many benefits of having oily skin, including the fact that oily skin shows signs of wrinkles and fine lines the least compared to the other skin types.

Also, I have personally learnt that using blotting paper during the day or loose powder can help manage the effects of executive oil production by absorbing the excess oil produced by the skin.

Try these today and you will definitely notice a huge improvement in your skin!