Carrier oils and essential oils are very common terminologies ususally encounterd by any one who is into aromatherapy or natural skincare.

Basically carrier oils are plant oils derived from nuts, seeds, fruits or kernels of plants,  and processed either by the cold or hot process to produce oil.

Essential oils can also be obtained from plant parts like carrier oils, but there could be instances where essential oils are obtained from non plant parts like resins etc.

3 Differences between Plant oils and Essentials oils

Plant OilEssential oil
Does not EvaporateVolatile , so evaporates
Leaves an oily mark on paper, because of their lubricating qualityDoes not leave any oily mark , although any colour present will leave a stain
Not soluble in alcoholSoluble in alcohol
 Can be used in proportions of up to  50% or moreUsually used in very low proportions  below 2% in most cases
Can be used  neat on the skin without dilutionMostly need to be diluted before application to skin

Sometimes, unscrupulous suppliers mix essential oils with plant oils or adulterate them with other liquids, the above information can help give you a preliminary guide to ascertain the authenticity and quality of essential oils before buying


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