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Skin on the face is very delicate and we need to be careful about the products we  put on it.

While it may be ok to use these products on other parts of the body, you should consider keeping these away from your face to maintain a healthier skin.


Yes, I know this one is a cannon ball..
But, it is true.
Most cold process soaps may be excellent for the body, but a little bit too harsh for the face.
Remember the skin on the face is a lot more sensitive than the rest of the body, so it’s important to use specially formulated facial washes to cleanse your face, especially as you get older.
Most cold process soaps are usually at a very high pH, and is more likely to cause dryness and itching after use on the face.

BSN deep cleansing face wash, is specially formulated for facial skin. to soothe, hydrate and nourish the skin while cleansing

2. Mineral Oil.

Mineral oil forms a complete film around the skin, suffocating the skins natural processes of respiration and perspiration.
The skin needs to be able to breathe.
Sweat and toxins need to be able to move easily from the skin to the surface.
This excessive coating over a long period can cause skin dryness, dullness and even breakout.

3. Rubbing Alcohol.

Excessive and continuous use of rubbing alcohol can lead to skin dryness and even over stimulation of oily glands.
Due to the high level of ethanol in rubbing alcohol about 70 – 80%, it’s recommended that you keep rubbing alcohol far from your face, especially if you have acne, as the results would not be desirable.
There are better ways to deal with acne than using those toners that have a strong base of alcohol with a few add on extracts.

“Unlike most other toners, BSN Glow face toner is an exfoliating skin toner, with 0% alcohol and about 50% plant extracts, to polish the skin and reveal a healthy glow”

4. Vaseline.

I know the temptation would be there, especially if you suffer severe dry facial skin to use this product on your face.
But, please don’t.
This product is very high in oil content and just sits on the skin’s surface.
Prolonged use may lead to breakdown in skin’s normal barrier functions leading to sensitivity and skin irritation.
If you suffer severe dryness on the skin, there are lots of rich moisturisers that will do a much better job than this.

BSN Silk Skin Original is a rich, highly moisturising lotion. It can repair the skin and heal chronic dry skin with any negative side effects “

Whilst it might be ok, to use these products occasionally on the face, constant and persistent use might not be beneficial to skin health.


If you are using any of these products currently for the face and would like to substitute for healthier alternative, please use the links below for more details or purchase.

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