Skin Type Quiz

Knowing your skin type is very helpful and gives you  a better understanding of how to mange your skin and what products to use or avoid.


Having troubles figuring out your skin type?

Take this quiz below, note your answers and then check with the results below to see what skin type you have on your face.

1.My skin tends to look:

a. shiny or greasy

b. Shiny in the T- zone

c. Clear; neither shiny nor ashy

d. ashen, flaky

e. red and irritated

f. blotchy or has red marks


2. In terms of pimples or black heads, my skin:

a. frequently develops both

b. often develops both on my forehead and chin

c. occasionally develops a pimple

d. may break out in pimples (especially before my period)

e. never develops blemishes, but usually exhibits fine rashes after using various products

f. develops blemishes that always leave dark marks


3. My pores tend to appear:

a. visible and large

b. visible and large in certain areas

c. small, barely noticeable

d. neither small nor large

e. noticeable, but not very prominent

f. I don’t even notice my pores because of the dark marks


4. I usually need to wash my face:

a. 3 or more times a day

b. 2 or 3 times a day

c. 2 times a day

d. once a day

e. once a day with water only

f. twice a day with soap for dark marks



If you picked mostly a, your skin is oily.

If you picked mostly b,  you have combination skin

If you picked mostly c, your skin is most likely normal

If you picked mostly d, you have dry skin

If you picked mostly e, you have sensitive skin

If you picked mostly f, you have hyper pigmenting skin or skin with a marked propensity to develop hyperpigmentation.


Please share your comments and questions below.


Thank you!

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