Skin Whitening - Brightening


Skin Whitening / Brightening


I get asked this question a lot…. Will this cream make me lighter?


This is because I run natural skincare classes, I try to explain that I teach only how to formulate creams… with that knowledge, you can then go ahead to make whatever kind of cream/ lotion you need…. By simply changing your active ingredients.


The basic component of most creams/lotions would be water, oils and the chemical that keeps the water and oil from separating called the emulsifier and preservative.


However, to get this basic cream which is purely  a moisturiser/ emollient to perform a particular function e.g. Lightening, anti-aging, stretchmark removal etc.., you then have to incorporate corresponding active ingredients that have been proven (usually scientifically through research and testing) to achieve those specific objectives.


So coming back to the all-important question…… Will this cream make me lighter…? 


Here is the Answer…

It will not make you one shade lighter if it does not have one or more of a combination of skin lightening actives…

It might moisturise, protect or brighten your complexion, BUT… will not lighten it, if it has no skin lightening actives.


So what are the skin lightening actives……?


Well… here are some natural ones I can find and how they work…


Tyrosinase Activity Inhibitors


·        Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate (MAP)
·        Sodium ascorbyl phosphate (SAP)
·        Ascorbyl Palmitate
·        Ascorbyl Glucoside
·        α or β Arbutin
·        Kojic Acid
·        Niacinamide (VitB3)
·        Paper Mulberry (Morus Alba)


Tyrosinase Suppressors


·        Lactic Acid
·        Glycolic Acid
·        Retinoic Acid
·        Tretoinoic Acid


Melanin Formation Reduction


·        Licorice Extracts
·        Hesperidin (Vitamin P)
·        Hydroquinone
·        Kojic Acid



Tyrosinase is an enzyme which serves as a catalyst to the all too dreadful process called melanogenesis, which finally results in skin darkening.


So next time you go shopping for a natural skin lightening product, be sure to look out for one of the above actives…



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