Previously, I discussed how spending more time indoors as a result of Covid could potentially affect our skin.

In todays post, I will share how being outdoors in this period could also affect our skin.

As a result of mandatory face masking while outdoors these days, most people who spend more time outdoors now have top wear face mask and this can affect our skins in the following ways:

  1. Maskne:

This is a type of acne break out around the mouth and nose areas that occurs usually after wearing a face mask.

Wearing of face masks creates  an increased moisture-rich environment for bacteria and organisms to thrive, causing a breakdown of the skin and flaring of acne.

Maskne is as a result of mechanical friction of a fabric against the skin, This irritates the hair follicles  and results in acne flare. This is compounded by moisture trapped underneath the fabric, which gets worse with increase in humidity and heat.

  1. Sun Protection :

This is one area that is unaffected by the pandemic. We still need to wear our sunscreen when outdoors, however, the focus should be on the areas not protected by the mask as these areas will have more exposure to sunlight compared to when we are not wearing masks.

 How to protect the hands and face from the effects of Covid 19

  • More care and attention has to be paid in caring and moisturizing the hands now more than ever. This is the time to invest in good quality hand creams . Hands should be moisturized each time you use a hand sanitizer or wash the hands. Good quality hand creams with hyaluronic acid, glycerin, ceramides, lipids and butter to hydrate and protect the skin should be used as often as necessary to keep the hands from drying out.


  • Cloth face masks should be washed before being used for the first time in soapy water and after every use thereafter to prevent the transfer of bacteria from the masks to the skin.


  • Best to avoid heavy moisturizers or makeup during this period. Instead, wear light non greasy moisturizers and make up to prevent the risk of excessive humidity and perspiration under the mask which can damage the skins naturals barrier structure , due to lack of air circulation and lead to skin problems.


  • Faces should be washed during the course of the day if necessary with a gentle, non irritating face cleanser.


  • Apply moisturizers and allow a time lapse of 5 mins before putting on the face masks to ensure that the moisturizer is absorbed into the skin before wearing the face mask