Women spend a lot of money on beauty products throughout their lifetime.  Unfortunately,  most of that is wasted.

Every squeeze, squirt and scoop is costing you cash, so today, I will help you portion control your beauty routine. That way, you can save your skin while also saving money.


Our Deep cleansing face Wash is a cream cleanser and all you need is just one pump of cleanser for cleansing your face, especially in the mornings.

In the evening, you’ll want to use about 2 pumps of the cleanser, to double cleanse. First start by massaging your cleanser onto dry skin for 30 seconds to break everything, apply to dry skin as opposed to damp skin to remove all the sunscreen, makeup, and oil that your skin has accumulated throughout the day.

Then, add water and massage for another 30 seconds before rinsing. If you’re wearing heavy makeup, use a soft baby washcloth to remove your cleanser to ensure full makeup removal.


The Glow Face Toner is a non -alcohol based toner and is great way to give your skin a boost of hydration, remove chlorine and other drying minerals from tap water, and  help balance the pH of your skin.  To use, saturate a toning cloth with the Glow face toner and gently wipe it across your face after cleansing. If you don’t have a toning cloth, you can also fill the palm of your hand  with 5 drops of toner and gently press the toner into your skin.

No matter which way you apply your toner, quickly apply your serum afterward when your skin is still damp. This allows the serum to spread more easily across the skin. It’s also thought that damp skin is 10 times more permeable than dry skin, so your serum might actually penetrate deeper.

Face Serums

For each of our exfoliating and acne, hydrating and brightening serums, I recommend applying about 5 drops to skin that’s still slightly damp from toner.  As a rule, you want a thin layer to coat your whole face. Add another 3 drops if you’re treating your neck as well.

Our serums are mostly of watery consistency, so the best way to dispense your serum  is directly on to the face, then use your fingers to dab it onto your face before rubbing it in. This way, you’ll avoid rubbing all the product into your palms. Finally, get the most out of your serums by using just one at a time and rotating instead of layering.



If there’s one thing you want to get right in your routine, it’s sunscreen application. You want to apply at least5 dollop drops on your face alone if you are using our BSN tinted sunscreen. and another 5 dollop drops for your chest and neck (Remember that our sunscreen is tinted and might stain clothes if in contact, when applied to the neck and chest), . Don’t forget the sides of your neck and, if they’re exposed, your ears!

In order to make sure your sunscreen is effectively adhering to your skin, you’ll want to apply it on dry skin. Wait at least 60 seconds for your serum or moisturizer to dry before putting on sunscreen, and remember that this should be the last product you apply before heading out for the day.