Last post, I talked about the effect of humidity on the skin and how to adjust our skincare to ameliorate this…

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Today, we will be discussing the effects of Temperature on the skin.

During the dry season in Nigeria, the temperature is almost always high with highs of 35 degrees Celsius at times, most of the day.

The first part of the rainy season also experiences a relatively high temperature in between the rains (so cooler just after a downpour but gradually increases after that) .

Some times this high heat is accompanied by very high humidity which makes everyone uncomfortable and its the time of year when you see every one with a hand fan or more privileged folks simply go from “air conditioned cars to air conditioned homes ” desperately doing all they can to avoid anything to do with the very unwelcoming atmospheric condition around them.

Conversely you have the high temperature accompanied by low air humidity… which to be honest is a better deal than the earlier described situation … above.

Major effects of high temperature… high humidity weather conditions..

  • Prickly heat
  • Acne breakout
  • Heat stroke
  • Stressed skin
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Acne scars and heat marks

Major effects of high temperature….. low humidity weather conditions…

  1. Dry flaky skin
  2. Heat stroke
  3. Chapped lips
  4. Hyperpigmentation
  5. Itchy skin/irritation

What to do???

High temperature, high humidity

Oily skin

  • Avoid the use of thick oil based moisturisers/cleansers/serums.
  • If you must, use only water based gel moisturisers.
  • Use foamy surfactant based cleansers or natural soaps to cleanse.
  • Use your face regularly.
  • Use products that are rich in antioxidants to combat free radical formation.
  • Wear a sunscreen.
  • Anti bacterial face wipes will come in handy during the day.

Dry skin

  • Use skincare products with a lot of humectants like glycerin, sorbitol, sodium lactate etc  (see post about glycerin here…
  • Use a mild gentle cleanser for the face.. avoid surfactant cleansers that contain sodium laureth sulphate as they might rid your skin of moisture causing increased dehydration
  • Incorporate a lot of antioxidants into your skin care routine .
  • Wear a sunscreen


High temperature, low humidity

Oily skin

  • Products rich in humectants, antioxidants in either gel, oil free or light emulsified moisturizers will be a good choice.
  • Gentle cleansing with mild surfactant based cleansers
  • Sunscreen
  • Keep hydrated
  • Use a facial tonic or spray to keep the skin hydrated during the day

Dry Skin

  • Rich emollient creams /lotions with good antioxidants
  • Cleanse the skin with non foamy cleansers, milk cleansers or use the oil cleansing method
  • Wear a sunscreen to protect the skin form the sun
  • Avoid the use of alcohol based products







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