Some people feel that once they use a skincare product for a certain period of time, “their skin gets used to the products and the effectiveness diminishes overtime”

This however, is NOT accurate as long as the product is within its expiration date and is being used the proper way.

Skin care products usually contain active ingredients that perform particular functions on the skin when formulated at the right proportions, and are effective within their shelf life, therefore the idea of a skin care product becoming ineffective as a function of time could be as a result of the state of mind of the user. perhaps there is a longing to move to other products or there might be misplaced expectations of the desired outcome, for instance expecting to get lighter progressively while using a product, when the product is not  a whitening product BUT rather a brightening product.

Here are a few instances, when, your skin care products might seem to longer work as before.

  1. In the case of acne, where perhaps, your acne escalates(requiring more intense actives), but you are still using a mild acne treatment.
  2. There might have been a change in your skin condition, for instance assuming your skin was dry before and you where using a rich, moisturising product. However, your skin condition suddenly changes an becomes oily and you still continue with the same occlusive , heavy products. You might begin to feel that your skin is congested or even start breaking out. This os why it is very important to pay attention to your skin condition at every point in time.
  3. Change in weather conditions can lead to a slight or major change to your skin condition and it is important to adjust your skincare needs accordingly to match the change in the environment. For instance, the weather is dryer during the harmattan season and more humid during the hot season in Nigeria and this has to be factored in selecting skincare products.See here a post on WEATHER AND THE SKIN, on how to adjust skin care to varying climatic situations and environment.
  4. If you are overusing a skincare product. For instance AHA and BHAs are great products and produce amazing results on the skin when used in moderation. Excessive use can be counter productive .



Remember that your skin is always changing and responding to varying internal and external stimuli, and be open to consider that the issue might be with your present skin condition rather than the product.

Your skin might be in a present state where the former skincare product that had worked before, now no longer meets your current skincare need.

For instance, if as a result of prevailing weather conditions, your skin becomes drier and more patched than before, like during winter, you might need more heavier and  occlusive moisturiser. If you were using a light and non greasy moisturiser before, it might not make much of an impact anymore.

Same goes for skin that suddenly Starts to breakout, either asa result of stress or hormonal changes. If you were not using a product with acne active before now, iy might be time to add it on. Carrying on with your normal skincare products with no acne active will only not work, but lead to an exacerbation of the acne condition


So here are the steps to take if you feel your skincare products are no longer working:

  • Re-examine your skin to see what has changed and what the current state of your skin is.
  • Review your current skin care product, to see if it still meets your current skin care need
  • Research potential skincare actives that will help your skin in its current condition


So have you experienced any of the above before with your skincare products?

Kindly share in the comment section.