1.Wash fresh or dry orange peels.

2.Put the peels in a small non plastic container.

3. then make a tea by pouring hot water all over the orange peels and let it  sit covered for about 30minutes .

4.Strain the tea, discard the used peels and pour the strained liquid into a dispensing bottle.


Face mask

starting with fresh washed orange peels, blend with a little water until it turns to a puree.

you can then mix with a little some honey and milk, or aloe vera etc

then spread all over face as a mask.


Face scrub

Dried orange peels can be dry ground and mixed with other exfoliants like sugar in an anhydrous base to make a face scrub.


Remember that these are DIY recipes, so always make a little bit at a time,store in the refrigeratorand use for no more than 5days!


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